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Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel

Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel

The Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel is Australia’s oldest pub brewery established in 1841, famous throughout the World for award-winning natural ales.We brew with only malt, hops, yeast and water and with no added sugars, preservatives or additives - ensuring a 100% natural beer.

In 1986, the Lord was taken over by its current custodians, including Managing Director Blair Hayden. With the aid of an 1852 photograph the new custodians took a beautiful old pub and completed its restoration it to its former Colonial glory. A stunning sandstone façade was revealed along with many convict made chisel marks on the locally quarried stone.

In keeping with the ambience of the architecture the new custodians were inspired to create beers in the style of the traditional English ale with no added sugar and extremely full flavoured – instead of lager as made by the big Brewers dominating the market.

A microbrewery or 'craft' brewery was built in the back area of the bar and cellar and the rest is history. Over 30 years in fact.

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