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Willie The Boatman

Willie The Boatman

Willie the Boatman is a laid-back pub and craft brewery, nestled in Australia’s Craft Beer capital, the Inner West. One of the first craft breweries to open in Sydney, Willie the Boatman has built an award-winning reputation for delivering high quality, flavourful and unique brews which are available on tap or in cans.

A strong commitment to the community is ingrained through all their actions, like naming their beers after local heroes, like ‘The Albo’ Pale Ale, dedicated to their local federal member of parliament (and more recently, Australia’s PM), Anthony Albanese. Regularly hosting events and festivals to bring people together and support local non-profits and businesses. Even the brewery’s name is a playful celebration of the Inner West’s rich historical heritage. A nod to the original ‘Willie’ aka William Kerr, a Scottish convict assigned to row people, supplies, and beer across the nearby Cooks River in the early 1800s.

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