Jervis Bay Brewing

Jervis Bay is the kinda spot that can wake you up with a fresh, salty
slap in the face. Warm you with its sun-drenched air. And catch your
eye with a wide smile as you wander the beach. We’re constantly
reminded of the good stuff in life. And Jervis Bay Brewing Company
is here to make sure we enjoy it.

Because we brew for people, not paychecks. We brew to support the
local teams, charities and businesses that give this place its heartbeat.
We brew sustainably, with local ingredients where possible and the
smallest footprint we can. We brew so you have a place to come and
sip in the sun, rock out in the winter, and bond over the good stuff.

While our recipes might be complicated, the rest is pretty simple.
Good beer, good people. And a damn good time that’ll keep us turning
up for years to come.